Miss "Poo" was named after the "spice/sprout" theme shared by her littermates.  Registered as 'Southern Harmony,' a powerful
cocktail containing both Southern Comfort, after her sire, and Jack Daniels, whom Thyme, her mother, is line-bred.

True to her name and the libation she is named for, Potter is a mixture of sweet and zesty...but always serves a smile.  Not only an
elegant bitch of beauty and grace, but one of fierce determination and die hard work ethic in the field.  She never ceases to amaze me
with her talents, her biddability, and her charm.

Potter is the humor in my day, a true 'song & dance' routine.  Whether smacking her head with her tail or playing pogo-dog as she
"roo-roo's" your favorite tune, Potter has become the dog of my heart, and one for which has forever changed my life.

She is
everything I imagine a Vizsla to be.
In The Ring:  Potter finished her conformation Championship with back to back majors at  Supported Entries.  All of her wins
came from the Bred By Exhibitor class except a notable Best of Winners at the MVVC Supported Entry.  True to her talent, she was the
only winner from that Specialty weekend to also have field trial placements at All Breed and Vizsla only trials.  

After completing her Championship, Potter headed to the field to learn the ways of a Gundog.  She was broke & campaigned by Jamie
Fountain and earned her first Gundog placements her very first season.  With Jamie she also earned an Award of Merit at the 2010
VCA National Gundog Championship.  But the fun was only about to begin!!!
~Potter's Progeny~

The Taglongs  (June 2009)

The AllStar Litter (Valentine's Day 2012)
2 x VCA National Gundog Championship Award of Merit Recipient
KVC Regional Specialty Award of Merit Recipient (held in conjunction with VCA National Specialty)
In The Field:  Potter returned home to earn her first BLUE in her first trial at home, a 2-point Amateur Retrieving stake!  That was
just the start of our fun.  After spending a few weeks back in Georgia learning "mad retrieving skills" taught by Brenda Rowe, she was now
ready to roll.  In 14 months Potter earned NINE Amateur Field Champion points, SEVEN Open Field Champion Points AND her SECOND
consecutive Award of Merit at the VCA National Gundog Championship, all Amateur handled.  She also squeaked in 2 Senior Hunter legs
and her Versatility Certificate by the end of the season.

Potter finished her Fall 2010/Spring 2011 field season a Top 10 Vizsla (Open)

Taking the summer of 2011 almost entirely off, Potter ran her first trial of the Fall 2011/Spring 2012 season and earned a FIVE-point
Retrieving major by winning the Open Gundog Horseback stake at the Vizsla Club of Illinois fall trial completing her FIELD

She now holds the honor of being the 49th DUAL CHAMPION VIZSLA bitch (168th dual total) in the breed's 51 years of AKC recognition!!
Tails from our Journey

Miami Valley Vizsla Club 2007 Supported Entry Best of Winners - 5 Point Major
(defeating 50+ class entrants, largest Supported entry in club history)
Vizsla Club of Michigan 2007 Supported Entry Winners Bitch - 3 Point Major to finish Championship
VCA 2010 National Gundog Championship Award of Merit Recipient
South Louisiana Vizsla Club Spring 2011 Trial:  3-point Amateur Gundog Major
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association Spring 2011 Trial:  3-point Amateur Gundog (R) Major
VCA 2011 National Gundog Championship Award of Merit Recipient
Vizsla Club of Illinois Fall 2011 Horseback Trial:  5-point Open Gundog (R) Major
to finish Field Championship & Dual Championship
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee Fall 2011 Walking Trial:  2-point Amateur Gundog Win
to finish Amateur Field Championship
2012 Keystone Vizsla Club Regional Specialty Award of Merit Recipient From the Field Trial Class (held in conjunction with VCA National Specialty)
DNA:  V370048
OFA Hips:  VZ10404GOOD31F-PI
OFA Elbows:VZ-EL709F25-PI
Thyroid (MI State/OFA):  VZ-TH218/25-F-PI (Normal)
CERF:  VZ-691/2001-26 (Clear)
CHIC:  41323
FDSB:  1629795